Matamata Investors Event

We recently held an investors event  evening in Matamata and were thrilled with the turnout and positive response from attendees. This investors event served as an excellent platform for us to launch our four new core principles, which lay the foundation for Classic Collectives culture and mindset. With a firm belief in these principles, we aim to guide our investors toward success in their commercial property investment journeys.

We also shed light on the impact of inflation on savings and the importance of investing in assets that can combat its erosive effects. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of money over time, making it crucial to seek growth assets that can outpace inflation and preserve the value of capital. Such investments not only counteract the impact of inflation but also offer the potential for substantial returns. By strategically diversifying portfolios with commercial assets poised for capital gain growth, investors can proactively protect and enhance their wealth.

You can view the slides from the evening here: View Slides

Matamata Investors Event

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