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Supporting you with decades of experience in Commercial Property.

With more than 80 years of experience in commercial property, we understand the immense potential it holds for individuals to build wealth and legacy. We’re discerning with the opportunities we bring to our investors and, through our networks and affiliations across the property sector, actively seek exceptional commercial syndication opportunities that provide reliable cash returns and capital growth potential over the long term.

But for us, it is more than that. It’s about delivering an exceptional investment experience for our clients, and doing right by them, always. It’s about integrity, transparency, and building life-long relationships. And above all, it’s about empowering people to grow their wealth and legacy through direct ownership of prime commercial and industrial assets.


Our Process.

1. Connect

Come to an event, sign up for our newsletter, or make time to chat with our team. We’re passionate about commercial property and would love the chance to chat about what we do and learn about your investment goals.

2. Enrol

If you’re interested to learn more about an opportunity, you can contact us to register your interest. We’ll send you the information memorandum and any other due diligence documents for you to consider.

3. Assess

This is your time to review everything and consider your options. We strongly encourage you to ask questions and seek guidance from external financial advisors before making any decisions.

4. Apply

Once you’re happy to progress with the opportunity, you’ll need to fill in the supplied application forms as required under the FMC Act 2013. If you need a hand, our team can help you through this step.

5. Accept

Congratulations! Once approved, we’ll send you a formal confirmation and let you know when we’ll need your funds. We’ll also begin to send you regular updates on your fund to ensure you’re kept well informed.

Is Commercial Syndication right for you?

Like any investment endeavor, investing in a commercial property syndication comes with inherent risks. We highly recommend consulting a financial expert before making any decisions to ensure your investment aligns with your best interests. Our investment opportunities are exclusively open to wholesale investors—individuals or entities with a substantial track record in investing—eliminating the need for certain disclosures. However, it’s important to note that wholesale investors do not enjoy the same safeguards as their retail counterparts.

To become an investor with Classic Collectives, prospective individuals must satisfy the wholesale investor criteria specified by the FMCA. Further details on these criteria can be found on the FMCA website, accessible here. If you’re curious about your eligibility to invest with Classic Collectives, we invite you to reach out to us for a more in-depth discussion.

Trusted by Investors across New Zealand.

Classic Collectives provides me with the ability to be a part of an exclusive group of people owning a significant property asset that would normally be beyond the reach of most individuals.


Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Since 2012 I have invested in several commercial syndications facilitated by Owen Cooney. Each has given me access to consistent income and increased wealth through ownership of premium commercial assets.


Tauranga, New Zealand

Investment in high-value commercial properties in conjunction with other like-minded people has been an extremely successful method of investment and wealth enhancement for me.


Tauranga, New Zealand


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to get expert commercial syndication insights straight to your inbox