Brand new, without the risk

Our specialty is in sourcing premium, new, or near new, completed commercial properties for our investors. Premium commercial properties are an attractive option for investors. They have lower maintenance and repair costs, they’re more attractive to tenants, and they meet all the latest building codes. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and have the potential for higher capital appreciation over time.

Sometimes, we present opportunities that are still in the development and construction phase. Through our affiliation with Classic Group, we’re able to identify these types of prospects early in the process and bring off-market real estate opportunities to the table. We structure these opportunities in a way that safeguards our investors from any associated risks by purchasing them only on completion.

This enables our investors to share ownership of fully finished, state-of-the-art properties while completely avoiding the uncertainties and challenges of the development and construction phases. This commitment to offering move-in-ready properties guarantees a seamless investment experience, allowing investors to concentrate on optimizing their returns and attaining their financial objectives with confidence.

An example of this is our current Tauranga Medical Fund Collective – two premium office/medical commercial properties (including a cafe) currently under development in Tauranga.

  • Premium commercial Property
  • Premium commercial Property
  • Investors visit commercial property under development in Tauranga, tenanted by Health New Zealand

We were recently able to take some of our investors on a site visit to see their premium commercial property investment coming to life. In the cases where a property is under construction, our site visits give investors the chance to see the program in action and gauge the scale and progress of the project. Our syndications are typically smaller groups of 12-20 investors, so it also provides an opportunity for them to connect, interact and get to know one another. For many wholesale investors, the tangible aspect of seeing their property take shape is an exciting experience and adds a unique dimension to their investment portfolio.

We’ve been in the commercial property game for a long time, and it’s our mission to provide our clients with exceptional opportunities and a truly rewarding investment journey. Whether it’s prime, completed commercial properties or those in the development phase, we ensure our investors feel informed and confident in their choices, and proud of the assets they share ownership of.

If you’d like to know more, start by booking a quick Discovery Call here, to find out if Classic Collectives is the right fit for you. We’re always looking at new opportunities and can help you find the perfect property that aligns with your investment goals.

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