Site Improvements for Downer

Classic Collectives is a conduit for constructing impressive buildings and facilities, creating destinations for education, health and commercial operations.

One of our recent projects is developing a bespoke service centre for Downer. The building will house all operations for the site and include a staff and boardroom space for the site staff and managers. 

Additionally, the building will provide a functional facility for monitoring bitumen levels stored in the large onsite tanks, along with bitumen volumes being distributed into the trucks and that which comes off the boats at the port, piped directly from the port into the tanks.

On Thursday, 23 February, members of the Classic Collectives team took members of the Downer management team to assess the new building onsite which is currently under construction. The tour aimed to explore the planned layout for each space and how it will work with the planned activity and inform the Downer team about what to expect to plan their move.

The visit benefitted everyone, with some minor changes being able to be made to meet the tenants’ needs. Because of the timely visit, this didn’t incur an additional cost. This is an excellent example of the importance of these visits to ensure we continue to deliver high-quality assets for our tenants.

When building with a tenant’s specific needs in mind, the process involves a consultation where the tenant can make tailored requests for alterations to the premises, generally approved despite Collectives having the final approval. After this stage, the build follows the standard process with regular engagement with the tenant. The cost is recouped over the duration of the lease at an agreed interest rate stipulated clearly within the lease contract bespoke to each property.

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